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Terms And Conditions

Make sure to read these terms and conditions thoroughly before making any visa application with us. Please do not go ahead with any further step unless you agree to the following terms and conditions. In this page Arabian Noons Visa Office will be referred to as ‘us’, ‘we’ and/or ‘our’. These terms and conditions are applicable to all bookings made through our consultants over the phone, by email or in our office.

Visas and Passports

All individuals applying for visas through us need to have a valid, machine-readable passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of return. It is important to make sure that all the supporting documents you submit us to apply for a visa are valid documents. Any penalties or fines incurred because of unauthorized documents will be your responsibility. If you require any information about visas, passports and other required documents, please get in touch with our consultants.


All prices are subjected to change without notice. The rates are only guaranteed after it has been fully settled by you. Price changes might occur due to causes out of our control like, currency fluctuations, taxes, etc. Please check with our consultant before applying for any visas.

Arabian Noons strive to give you the possible cheapest rate which included service charge, VAT, application fee.

Payments via debit or credit card

When paid by credit card there will be an additional surcharge depending on the card provider. and 2.5 % for Mastercard and Visa card. (restrictions applicable with) American express card) When paid by debit card a surcharge of 2.5% will be incurred for visa cards and 2.5% for Mastercard.

You approve us to charge all fees applicable by you with regards to the service we provide you. If payment is not approved by the card provider, you agree to settle the due amount immediately.

Payments via Cheque

Cheque Payments (excluding bank cheques) take a minimum of 5 working days to process. If your preferred mode of payment is by cheque, then the transaction must be made a minimum of 5 working days before the payment deadline. You also agree that we apply the cheque amount to cover any amount you owe us with regards to consultant fee, etc. before the balance is refunded to you.


We nor any of our directors, employees or agents accept any liability with regards to loss, injury, damage, delay extra expense or any other inconvenience caused indirectly by the acts of third party vendors over whom we have no direct control.

Visa approval dully by the immigration department and the approval committee, Arabian Noons can apply visas on behalf of you preparing the exact documents with our well expertise knowledge and contacts, however it’s important to aware that the ultimate visa approval or rejection decision is not able to influence by us.

Once a visa issue, you are required to use an issued visa within the validity period and inability to use the visa with the validity will be out of Arabian Noon’s control.

Special Requirements

Please discuss with your consultant about any special requirements you may have with regards to your travel arrangements or visa applications.

Governing Law

If any disagreement rises between you and us, the laws of United Arab Emirates will apply. You unconditionally and irreversibly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of UAE and surrender any rights that you may have to go against any action taken in those courts.

Regarding the outbound visas from UAE applicable to the respective country’s visa processing rules and documentation. The embassy of the country will act as the processing body unless we are processing you a e-visa via a viable system access give to our company.


Make sure that you are aware of any health precautions and recommendations regarding your travel. Make sure to carry these documents with you at the time of travel. In certain countries failure to show these documents will result in you not being able to enter the country. You can ask more about these details from the consultant handling your visa. Also, if in case someone fall sick while being in UAE on our tourist visa, it must have informed us earliest as possible.

Also, if in case the tourist visa holder’s death while in UAE, must be informed and must submit the original death certificate ( no copies accepted )for immigration clearance for exit without fall. We will return the certificate safely after the clearance.

Travel Insurance

We highly advice you to take necessary travel insurance to cover your international travel. Your insurance cover should include cover for accident, personal injury, medical expenses, cancellation, loss of personal belongings or money, death and personal liability insurance.

After obtaining UAE tourist visa you can get a travel insurance for the specific period, also if you are applying for an out bound visa, you may require obtaining the Travel insurance before even applying the visa.


Arabian Noons can complete the “Ok to board” on behalf of you for your travel ticket for additional charges other than the visa application fees.


You certify that you are 18 years or older and that you clearly understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions mentioned above.

Child applicants will have required to apply with parents or Guardian and NOC and concern letters may or may not require depending on the visa type.