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UAE Inside Country Visa

2021 January Updated

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In brief what’s inside UAE visa

No doubt, UAE inside country visa renewal option has made extending/ renewing UAE tourist visas an easy task for Visitors, Tourists and cancelled resident visa holders and given a relief for those who wish to extend their stay in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or any other Emirate of UAE. Especially after the sudden pandemic many those who stayed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm Al- Quwain had to continue their stay due to lockdown, unavailability of flights and safety concerns

In-country visa change options came to the attention of most tourist’s visa holders, on-arrival entrants and cancelled resident visa holders when the UAE government declared that the grace period of free stay ended effective from 10th September, 2020. Tourists wanting to stay more in UAE have good news as visas can be renewed in a matter of a few days thanks to the In country visa renewal facility without going out of the United Arab Emirates.

UAE inside country visa option with status change is more convenient, because it eliminates the need to leave Dubai or Abu Dhabi or whatever the UAE city you are currently staying and it does not need an exit stamp on your passport to process a new tourist visa. Avoid overstay fines and extend your stay legally with an in country visa!

UAE Inside country visa Price

  • Our sponsored visa extension – 1050 AED
  • 30 days inside country tourist visa with status change - 1250 AED
  • 90 days inside country tourist visa with status change - 1350 AED
  • On-arrival visa amer extension - 890 AED
Also available :
  • - Inside visa from Dubai immigration and Sharjah immigration
  • - Multiple entry inside country visa (30 days multi entry and 90 days multi entry)
  • - On-arrival nations visa extensions
  • - Over-age applicants inside visa
  • - Newly born baby's inside country visa
  • - Under-age kid's inside UAE visa

*Certain nationals including On-arrival visa holders rates may vary

All Nationalities Visa change Available

  • Pakistan
  • Morocco
  • Ethiopia
  • Nigeria
  • All African Countries
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • South Korean
  • Syria
  • Palestine
  • Tunisia
  • Afghanistan

Recent immigration updates on Inside country UAE Visa renewal

In country visa became a most popular visa extension option for UAE tourists stuck in UAE after corona virus. Firstly, Dubai immigration facilitated this visa during early march and mid of July Abu Dhabi and Sharjah immigrations also resumed issuance of inside visas with status change from old entry visa UID to a new visa UID number. Mostly, on-arrival nationals who used to do Oman visa run, A2A visa and same extension via Amer services / ICA before, had to search for a way to continue their stay legally using a visa extension method without accumulating overstay fines. In country visa change became the solution with simple steps procedure.

Even though UAE inside visa option always availed even before 2018, it was reserved only for tourists/visitors got hospitalized in UAE, pregnant women with tourist visas in UAE or travelers with special conditions and reasons. Additionally, at that time UAE visit visa renewal with status change inside UAE was a very costly procedure and required more documents, various certificates and the traveler’s original passport for the immigration authorities to go ahead with the process unlike today.

2020 with the emerge of corona raise the need of visa change while be in UAE without having going out UAE to clear the previous visa expiry. The recent years before 2018 tourists visiting UAE weren’t allowed for ordinary tourists / visitors to apply for any type of United Arab Emirates visit visa renewal inside the country but could extend their visas in a different way.

Because of that UAE tourist visa holders had to book an Airport to Airport visa exchange package to any of the neighboring countries like Oman or Bahrain, get the exit stamp, wait until the new visa is processed and enter UAE again. Although this process is not that tedious and only takes a maximum of 24 hours, the UAE immigration department has decided to make their visa extension procedures even more flexible for the masses of tourist entering UAE by introducing the Inside country Abu Dhabi visa and the Inside country Dubai visa.

Detailed information - UAE inside country visa without exit

For many years those visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi anticipated the announcement of UAE visit visa renewal procedure without leaving the United Arab Emirates. Whether visiting family members, attending a seminar or sightseeing all that UAE has to offer, the Inside country tourist visa change with status change will help you enjoy a longer stay without the worry of leaving the country even for a day.

How does the UAE inside country visa without exit work?

Visitors can apply for a new tourist visa to Dubai when their current tourist visa is nearing the expiry date. When a new visa is applied through this procedure, the traveler will receive approval by the UAE immigration department for a newly issued tourist visa via a status change. Travelers can stay in the UAE while their new visa is being issued saving time and money. The procedure is similar to when tourist visas are being changed to residence visas, a facility which was implemented in 2014.

What are the necessary steps I need to take for an Inside country tourist visa change with status change in UAE?

STEP 1 : Read the details mentioned in this page thoroughly.
STEP 2 : Contact Arabian Noons team to order a Tourist visa extension without exit package.
STEP 3 : Submit the necessary documents and clear payment, wait for your renewed visa. Our executive will notify you when your new visa is issued.

How many days before my current UAE visit visa expires should I get in touch with Arabiannoons team?

It is important for visitors to get in touch with us a minimum of 2 -3 working days prior to the stated visa expiry date for a hassle-free procedure.

How long does it take for my UAE inside country visa extension without exit to get issued?

The visa processing stage usually takes anywhere between 1 to 3 working days. Once that stage is complete the status change will happen which will take maximum of 2 working days. The total duration required for UAE inside country visa change to process is 1 to 3 working days depending on the nationality of the traveler and the documents provided.

Benefits of the Inside UAE visa without exit package

Travelers can enjoy the following benefits by booking an UAE inside country visa extension package with the Arab visa office:

  1. Efficient and time saving as the visitor doesn’t have to leave UAE for a new visa to get issued. The applicant just waits in UAE and enjoy while the new visa getting processed for an extended stay in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and even Umm Al Quwain
  2. No hardships and tiresome procedures as the visitor can be doing their planned tasks while the new visa is getting processed
  3. Best and less price because there is no need to pay for tickets to exit and enter UAE, also before 2018 Inside country visa price was double to rate which we buy the same visa today
  4. Around the clock assistance from the Arabian Noons dedicated visa team get your visa application updatesfrom our visa executives through the process via WhatsApp, Call or email and be tension free
  5. Least documents and no need original passport or any attested documents

Inside country visa for Dubai visa holders

Travelers visiting the Emirate of Dubai can get their extended inside country Dubai visa without leaving the city. This is highly beneficial for those who are visiting family or having a holiday in Dubai as they can have an uninterrupted stay. Make sure to contact us at least 4 days before your visa is expiring. Upon booking an inside country Dubai visa with status change, the following procedures will be followed.



  1. First, you will be asked to submit the necessary processing documents
  2. Confirm your selection between the inside country Dubai visa 30 Day or 90 Day packages based on your duration of stay
  3. Proceed with the visa payment at our office or to our bank account
  4. Get your UAE tourist visa approved
  5. After visa processing the status change from your old tourist visa to the approved new visa will take place.
  6. Receive our visa ready notification via WhatsApp and check your email for the new UAE visa with status change


Please keep in mind that Inside country visa rates are subject to change depending on the applicant’s nationality and age. Any variations in price due to the documents will be informed after the documents have been checked.


Total processing time for a UAE inside country visa renewal is usually between 3 to 5 working days. Visa processing usually takes between 2 to 3 working days and status change between 1 to 2 working days. Number of working days exclude Fridays and any UAE Public and Business holidays.

Inside country visa for Abu Dhabi visa holders

Individuals who want to extend their stay while visiting Abu Dhabi can now do so with the Inside country Abu Dhabi visa change package. This is like the Dubai visa in the UAE renewal package and the traveler will not have to exit Abu Dhabi or UAE to get a new visa.
The documents required for processing, procedure, rates and processing time is similar to the inside country Dubai visa change package and visa status change.

Inside country UAE visa for pregnant woman

Pregnant females who are visiting UAE and need to extend their stay or are unable to travel out of UAE because of their condition can easily get a visa extension by booking our Abu Dhabi inside country visa without exit package and Dubai inside country visa without exit. The pregnant traveler can choose between a 30 day or 90-day visit visa based on their conditions.

We understand pregnancy complications and situations where doctors recommend not to travel on flights during pregnancy you can stay in UAE avoiding the risks of travelling out.

Do I need to submit Health Authority attested medical report to get inside country visa for a pregnant applicant?

You are not required to submit any health certificate attested by health authority anymore to get your UAE visa visit visa while been in the UAE on a visit visa that is about to expire.

Back in those days, whoever entered UAE on a visit visa had to exit the country even if they need to need to stay longer. The only option they had at that time is going out and enter back with a new visa. Exceptionally, even those days if a UAE visitor who is expecting a baby had chance of applying new tourist visa to UAE extending their stay without going out of the country. But, at that time for the applicant it was mandatory to provide an original medical certificate provided by the hospital and it should be attested by the Health authority of the respective UAE city.

But now luckily, it’s not needed to do visa change from a tourist visa to a tourist visa without exiting United Arab Emirates.



UAE inside country visa rates are subject to change depending on the pregnant applicant’s nationality and the documents submitted for processing. Any changes in pricefor visa processing due to the documents,we will inform after we check all documents thoroughly


Average visa processing time for an Inside country visa renewal is generally in between 1 to 3 working days (Visa processing 1 to 2 working days and status change 1 to 2 working days). Number of working days exclude Fridays and any National holidays

Inside country UAE visa for newly born baby

If you have a newly born baby in UAE upon baby get passport you can apply for an out-pass and then pply for the inside tourist visa through Arabian Noons. For more information Whatsapp us on +971552734009.

Inside country UAE visa for hospitalized patients

Previously hospitalized patients could easily get a Seven Emirates inside country visa with no exit. However, the list of documents needed to process this visa was lengthy and included a medical certificate, a health authority attested document, etc. Thankfully, the UAE immigration department has now made the process easy for hospitalized patients by reducing the documents required.


As of now, the necessary documents for processing a hospitalized patient inside country visa are:

Do I need to submit Health Authority attested medical report to get inside country visa for a hospitalized patient?

The answer is not any more. From mid of 2018, UAE immigration make the process of inside country visa for hospitalized patient who arrived UAE on a visit visa to change to another new UAE visit visa without complicated procedures and hardships.

Before 2018, getting inside UAE visa for Hospitalized person needed to submit Original medical certificate from the hospital which was attested by the Health Authority of respective emirate city. Unlike now even for the status change the original passport copy required to submit

But now, making it easy not only hospitalized UAE visitors but also normal tourists are entitled to enjoy the visa status change to another UAE tourist visa without any exit


UAE Inside country visa for hospitalized patient’sprocedure is exactly same as Pregnant Women inside visa for UAE procedure.


These rates are subject to change depending on the applicant’s nationality and the documents submitted for processing. Any variations in price due to the documents will be informed after the documents have been checked.


Complete duration of processing an Inside country visa status change to United Arab Emirates is usually between 1 to 3 working days. Number of working days exclude Fridays and any National holidays.

Inside country UAE visa for Over-age adults

The elders who are above the age of a normal adult applicant are considered as overage applicant, and for certain nationalities age 75 year above will be treated overage applicants where as in some cases some nationalities age above 80 years will be an overage applicant

After carefully checking documents we will advise you the rates for processing inside country UAE visa for an over-age adult.

Inside country UAE visa for kids

Kids who visited United Arab Emirates with parents who has tourist visa, can follow the same procedure same as parent visa renewal. (Child applicants are referred to the male/female applicants below the age of 19. For certain nationalities UAE immigration consider the age below 20 as kids)

Instances such as both/ one parent has resident visa and wanting to renew kid’s UAE tourist visa while inside UAE on a tourist visa can be done with Arabian Noons Visa office.

Similarly, if the applicant kid’s both parents not in the UAE and the child guardian or relation in UAE who want that minor visa holder to stay furthermore days in UAE can be possible through inside country visa for minor applicant’s procedure.

Depending on the circumstances and the documents you submit the exact charge for the UAE visa change with status change we will confirm to you.

Inside country for On-arrival nationals

Individuals eligible for on-arrival visa can also get their visas extended through the UAE inside country visa renewal without exitfor UAE On-arrival nationals package. For more specific details contact Arabian Noons visa Office.

Inside country visa rates

The UAE inside country visa rates may differ depending on the nationality of the applicant. The visa price for African and Arabic nationals will be mentioned after the processing documents have been checked.

Other visa extending options

The procedures mentioned below are outdated ways of extending a UAE visa. They can be used to date but travelers can benefit more with the UAE inside country visa without exit.

Oman visa run

This option temporary unavailable due to covid19

Most of the on-arrival nationals are fond of this option as it will be cheaper and they can enter UAE for free as per the particular rule applicable for respective nationality granted length of days to stay using on their visa

Also, back in 2016 this procedure included the applicant to mostlyopt by Philippine nationals, this outdated method of extending visas was not only leave UAE to Oman via bus. At the border crossing the exit seal will be stamped on the passport. The individual will have to stay in Al Buraimi Oman for 2 to 4 days until the new UAE visa is issued.

UAE A2A visa change

This option temporary unavailable due to covid19

Airport to Airport visa renewal is used by many tourists before the UAE inside country visa without going out of UAE was opened for all UAE tourist in 2018. A to A visa change was easier than the Oman visa run but still you had to go out of United Arab Emirates to the nearest gulf country on a flight and had to fly bad to Abu Dhabi airport or Dubai airport or Sharjah airport which is the respective airport you did the exit. Usually, the passenger leaves UAE to Oman or Bahrain or Kuwait and waits in the airport until the new UAE visa is issued which doesn’t take more than 24 hours in 90% instances. After the new visa is issued, the applicant enters UAE via Abu Dhabi or Dubai or Sharjah airport with a new UAE tourist visa.

What if I am overstay for my previous visa, am I still able to apply inside country UAE visa?

Yes, you can apply Inside country visa, but you will be needing to pay and clear the overstay fine till the date of status change to new UAE tourist visa. Therefore, it’s better to apply inside country visa at least 3-4 days before your visa expire than accounting unwanted overstay fines that you need to pay.

What’s makes inside country visa processing delay

  1. Unclear passport copy and photo
  2. Immigration system errors / system failure due technical issues
  3. If previous entry UID number not recorded in immigration system
  4. Previous visa overstays and absconding history
  5. Typed or processing resident visa applications in immigration system by the time submitting new inside visas
  6. previous Rejection history of Resident visa application / tourist visa application
  7. Security check and blacklist check
  8. Multiple visa applications typed by different sponsors
  9. Overstay fines clearance and violation clearances

How to pay the fines If you have overstay for your previous visa when processing new inside visas ?

All fines must be cleared in order to get the status change from old Visa to new visa. So, the applicant should pay the respective fee to the new visas sponsor to pay and clear during the inside visa process.