UAE Tourist Visa

Expatriates living in UAE who want to bring their family members and friends for a visit or travelers visiting UAE can now get in touch with ArabianNoons visa team for their United Arab Emirates tourist visa. There are many ways to get visas, but we provide the cheapest tourist visa to UAE and are one of the leading visit visa Abu Dhabi travel agency. Keep reading to know most useful information about the UAE visa types, eligibility criteria, application process and more.

Details in brief:

Tourist visas to United Arab Emirates (UAE Tourist visa prices)

single entry visa Single Entry
Normal Visa
(2-4 days)
  • 14 days visa 299 AED
  • 30 days visa 315 AED
  • 90 days visa 825 AED
Express Visa
(visa in hand just in 5- 20 hours)
  • 14 days visa 540 AED
  • 30 days visa 580 AED
  • 90 days visa 1070 AED
   single entry visa   Multiple Entry
Normal Visa
(2-4 days)
  • 30 days visa 1100 AED
  • 90 days visa 2100 AED
Express Visa
(visa in hand just in 5- 20 hours)
  • 30 days visa 1400 AED
  • 90 days visa 2400 AED

*UAE visit visa fees also the same as UAE tourist visa

UAE Tourist visa processing time

Normal visa applications
  • Dubai tourist visa 2- 4 working days
  • Abu Dhabi tourist visa 2-3 working days
  • Sharjah tourist visa 2-4 working days
UAE emergency visa processing
  • Dubai tourist visa 8-18 hours
  • Abu Dhabi tourist visa 5- 18 hours
  • Sharjah tourist visa 8-24 hours

Tourist visa requirements in UAE

Documents for UAE visa

Eligibility to apply UAE Tourist visa

How Arabian Noon’s process your tourist visa to U.A.E to visit United Arab Emirates cities?

Once you decided, reach Arabian Noons visa team and tell your concern, discuss with the team and just be ready with pre-preparations. You can call, WhatsApp, Email or physically visit our office. Our UAE visa service is Just a 3-step process and then your visa in Hand!

How Arabian Noons visa team process your UAE tourist visa?

The following 5 steps are always followed and remain the same when applying for a Dubai visa, Abu Dhabi visa or UAE visa.

UAE tourist visa services detail information

What are the new visit visa rules in UAE 2019?

Since daily we are getting heaps of inquiries on UAE visit visas, hope article will help to find the most accurate updates on visa regulations in UAE.

What is the use of each UAE Visit visa types?

1) 96 Hour Transit visa

Visa Validity: 14 days from date of issue

Especially necessary for travelers who are not eligible for a UAE on-arrival visa, the 96-hour UAE transit visa are great for travelers with a long layover in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. UAE transit visa holders are permitted to enter UAE and a stay of not more than 96 hours. If you are staying UAE more than 96 hours, then you should obtain 14 days tourist visa not 96 hours transit visa.

What are the documents needed to apply for a Dubai transit visa?

The applicant should submit the following for a hassle-free visa process:

2) Single Entry UAE visa

Visa Validity: 60 days from date of issue

This type of visa is recommended for visitors planning to stay in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other UAE emirate. Individuals travelling for holiday purposes, to visit family members, attend meetings and conferences can opt for a single-entry Dubai or Abu Dhabi tourist visa. GCC nationals (excluding Qatari nationals) and nationals of on-arrival eligible countries don’t have to apply for this visa as they get a visa on-arrival. Depending on the number of days you wish to spend in UAE you can choose a:

3) Multiple Entry UAE visa

Visa Validity: 60 days from date of issue

Multiple entry visas are ideal for travelers who visit UAE numerous times within a short duration. Especially convenient for business people and any other frequent visitors to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the multiple entry visa is a time and cost saving alternative to applying for many visas. There are two types of multiple entry visas:

4) Urgent UAE visa

Visa Validity: 60 days from date of issue

Individuals who need to make an emergency visit to UAE or need a last moment visa can choose the emergency visa service. By paying an additional fee you can receive a visa within a few hours. The types of urgent visas are:

Reasons of UAE tourist visa rejection

Getting news of a rejected visa is always depressing as it hinders your plans. What makes it even worse is the non-refundable visa fee. But visa rejections are usually influenced by few causes, most of which can be corrected before applying. Let’s look at them:

  1. Unclear passport of applicanthandwritten passports or damaged passports with unreadable details- This is why we are always asking you to provide us clear, scanned copies of your passport
  2. Passport having a validity less than 6 month
  3. Previous visa rejection history (if you have applied from different provider and your visa was rejected please mention when applying with us so that we can cancel the rejected tourist visa before applying again to increase the chances of visa getting approved. Also, I you have applied resident visa application or got your resident visa application rejected before the new tourist visa are some of the important information they you must share with us before submitting the tourist visa application. Then only we can help you how exactly to get the new visa approved.)
  4. Similarity in names to a person who has been blacklistedor Absconded
  5. Underage travelers – A child applicant visa application without a parent’s application will lead to rejection in normal UAE visa procedure
  6. Certain nationalities age restrictions – (ex: Moroccan females below 31 years, Pakistani ladies below 20 years)
  7. Over age applicants (whose age is above 80 or 85 depending on nationality. During the month of Ramadan even 75 years applicants’ visas might get rejected)
  8. Criminal records in UAE and in any other country (UAE CID check and security check identify those who has criminal records in the UAE or any other country in UAE)
  9. Immigration officers mistake(The visa process consists of both online system and human involvement. However the visa approval committee officer may reject your visa by mistake may too possible as per our previous experiences
  10. Typo errors of name, passport number, Place of birth ( (Typo error are the typing mistake of the typist in the immigration department while entering your application in the immigration system, there can spelling mistakes in English typing as well as Arabic typing- This is why once you receive the approved UAE Tourist visa copy, carefully must check is everything typed correctly as per your passport, if not make sure to notify the company / person who applied visa for you)

Reasons of why you may not have allowed to travel even if you have an UAE tourist visa?

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Until 2016, a visit visa could be changed into a resident visa (by status change) whereas a tourist visa could not be able changed without exiting the country. As of now, there is no difference between a tourist or visit visa, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

The overall governing body of issuing visas in the UAE is the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs. Every emirate has an immigration department which issues visas (Dedicated and separate GDRFA, but all GDRFA interconnect together) So, if an individual applies through the Abu Dhabi immigration, they will receive an Abu Dhabi issued UAE visa. The only difference between the visas is the location of the visa approval committee, visa processing time (for certain nationalities Abu Dhabi visas are issued quickly) and the tourist visa price (it is regarded that the visit visa Abu Dhabi cost is lesser than the price of a Dubai visa)

A Sharjah tourist visa is applied through the Sharjah Immigration department and approved by the visa approval committee in Sharjah. The visa will show that it has been issued by the Sharjah Immigration department and the cost of a Sharjah visa is regarded to be cheaper than a Dubai or Abu Dhabi visa while the processing time may take longer.

Yes, just by applying through any specific emirate you are not limited to enter only within that airport. You can enter through any of the UAE airports if you have a valid Sharjah visa

No, since individuals can’t work with a tourist visa, a common profession depending on the applicant’s age is stated when applying for the visa. If customer wants their true profession to be mentioned in the field, please state your request while applying for the visa as no profession related documents we may ask to process tourist visa unless you specified

Visa validity is the duration within which you must enter UAE. If you fail to enter the country within the validity period, your visa will be automatically cancelled, and you will have to apply for a new one. Some people misunderstand the visa validity as the period of time allowed stay in UAE. But as per the UAE immigration department issued visa format visa validity means not length of time allowed to stay in UAE but it is the duration of time allowed to enter UAE from the date of visa is being approved and issued

  • Transit visa validity 14 days from date of issue
  • All other visas 60 days from date of issue (30 days, 90 days, multiple entry visas)

In your visa copy there will be a field called Visa Validity next to the entry permit number

No, individuals holding Qatari passports are banned from entering the UAE at the moment and not allowed UAE visa free entry for Qatari citizens

Yes, if the individual holds a passport of an on-arrival eligible country then no visa is needed. Pre-arrival visa country passport holders should apply for a UAE visit visa before entering the UAE.

The Immigration is usually busy during peak season (October to April) and has fewer working hours during Ramadan. So, if your date of travel coincides with any of these durations it is best to apply at least 45 days ahead (as visa validity is usually 60 days). If you have no trouble waiting, then you can apply at these times or any time you prefer.

The number of days you can stay in UAE is not mentioned in the visa. If you have applied for a 14 day or 30-day visa, it will be mentioned as short-term (single entry/multiple entry) tourist visa. A 90-day visa is stated as a Long-term (single entry/multiple entry) tourist visa. Most customers mistake visa validity as the permitted duration of stay.

Check your UAE tourist visa expiry date

Yes, Egyptian and Jordanian males or females need to be above 21 years of age to travel alone. Moroccan females should be 31 years and above.

This restriction is due to many cases of human trafficking. Yes, Pakistani females travelling alone below the age of 20 years will face visa rejection

Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and KSA nationals can enter the UAE by showing their GCC national card or passport at any of UAE’s land borders, seaports or airports to get an on-arrival 30-day visa for free.

Only Indian nationals who have a valid EU resident Visa, UK resident visa or USA visa are eligible for a 14 day on-arrival visa. Indian passport holders who don’t fulfill this requirement have to obtain a pre-arrival visa before entering the UAE.

The Dubai visa for US green card holders permits the individual to stay for a duration of 30 days.

Yes, Dubai is regarded as one of the world’s safest cities to travel and live in

Unmarried couples living together must be careful as UAE is against this kind of behavior

If you hold a UK passport then you are eligible for a 30 day on-arrival visa. Otherwise,you will have to apply for a visa even if you are visiting from UK.

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Overstaying is staying in UAE for more than your permitted duration of stay. Individuals who have overstayed are charged an extra fine for every extra day they stay and need to settle the payment to be able to exit the UAE.

Yes, you can get marry. If you are Muslim can marry at the Judicial department (Court)o respective emirate city. If you are a non – Muslim you can get registered your marriage in respective consulate / embassy in the UAE

No, any individual caught working under a tourist visa will be penalized. If you wish to work in UAE, you must make a status change from tourist visa to resident visa.