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UAE Visit Visa Extension

2021 January, Updated Guide

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Is your UAE visit visa about to expire? Due to Covid19 you don’t want to travel out this moment taking a risk? For whatever reason, maybe you are wondering how you can stay longer here in United Arab Emirates without going out of Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Don’t take tension, you can stay in this safe country as long as you want,definitely with a proper extension to your visa! All you need to do is choose the ideal visa renewal option and complete the visa extension process before the last date of your expiring visa. Visa extensions will aid to avoid any overstay fines in UAE while letting you to continue your stay legally.

When visiting UAE citiesnowadays the majority of the visitors wish to extend their entry permits as if an unexpected lockdown takes place, when the flight schedules change or due to other commitments. Over time, the UAE immigration has introduced various UAE visit visa extension methods to make visitors stay further with the help of an easy visa renewal procedure which can be completed within the UAE. Getting this visa service through an experienced and trusted agent like Arabian Noons will be a great relief for you as the expertise team will handle the entire procedure on behalf of you and eventually send you the extension paper in WhatsApp or email.

If you wish to extend your visit visa, read and find out the ways how you can stay more in the UAE as listed below in order of convenience. Get in touch with us and choose what is best for you!

UAE Visit visa Extension Rates

  • Same visa extension 30 days - 1050 AED
  • Other sponsor’s visa extension - 1220 AED
  • Dubai On-arrival visa extension (Amer) - 960 AED
  • In country status change to new 30 days Abu Dhabi tourist visa - 1250 AED
  • In country status change to new 90 days Abu Dhabi tourist visa - 1350 AED
  • In country status change to new 30 days Dubai tourist visa - 1750 AED
  • In country status change to new 90 days Dubai tourist visa - 2050 AED
  • In country status change to new multiple entry 90 days tourist visa - 3250 AED

Rates can be different due to exceptions such as age and nationality or case basis

Extension options in detail explanation

1) Get a 30 days extension for the same visa

No matter your previous visit visa was issued from Dubai immigration or Abu Dhabi Immigration if it’s under our sponsorship then we can get you an extension for that same visa which will be valid for another 30 days from your date your visa supposed to expire – 1050 AED

Let’s say, if the previous visit visa is not issued by Arabiannoons still you don’t need to worry as we are able to make an extended 30 days visa for you – 1220 AED

On-arrival entrants Dubai stay extension

Same visa extension though Amer for On-arrival nationals can get done through Arabainnoons – 960 AED

(*Visa extension for UK, USA, China, Ireland, Singapore, Maldives,Japan,Kazakhstan, Australia , New Zealand ,Austria etc. which are 30 days on-arrival entry granted countries list to Dubai)

2) Inside Country visa change

UAE visa change without the exit has become a favorite of touristsand moreoverit becamemore popular after COVID19 pandemicamong those who wish to stay longer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and any other Emirate. The best part about this facility is the traveler doesn’t have to leave the country and can continue with their planned activities as their new visa will come with a status change with few days’ time.

Inside country UAE visa extension is now in the top among the options available to extend UAE visas of visitor. No any hustle at all for thus option when you get in touch with Arabian Noon visa team at least 1 week before your visa expire. Not only the visitors but also the people whose Resident visa has been cancelled are able to remain in UAE with a new in country status changed tourist visa.

Generally the visa change processing time will take couple of working days while Status change may take only 1 day. So, allocating 2-3 days for the whole process will be good enough to ready with the new visa and change status from old visa to new visa on time.

UAE inside country visa service was there even before 2018 but was not that popular option as now in 2020’s. Before 2018inside country visas were reserved for people who are with special conditions only. At that time it was not allowed all visitors to extend their stay this much easier, also the required number of document and procedure was bit complicated unlike today. Now inside country visa renewal is open for everyone and flexible processing with just few documents.

All Nationalities Visit Visas Available

  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria
  • All African Countries
  • Syria
  • Palestine
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco

Who can apply for the Inside Country Visa Change?

An individual holding a valid UAE visit visa issued by any of UAE’s immigration departments. ((Adults and well as kids) Pregnant women and hospitalized patients who are on visit to UAE can also benefit from this service. According to new immigration rules, the inside country visa facility can be used by on-arrival visa holders to extend their stay as well. (Those who are in UAE resident visa cancelation grace period To know more about inside country visa renewal get in touch with Arabianoon’s Visa team and get in country visa extension now!

Visa Processing Duration

A total of 1 to 3 working days depending on the nationality. (Visa processing 1 to 2 working days and status change 1 working day)

Documents Required

How Arabiannoons process your Inside country Visa?

STEP 1: Get in touch with us through WhatsApp or email. Make sure to contact us at least 3 days before your current tourist visa expires (Better to contact us at least once 3 days before the previous visa expires) to reduce the chances of getting overstay fines.

STEP 2: Decide how many days visa extension you need? Confirm which one you want from 30 days or 90 days and from which immigration (Abu Dhabi /Dubai/ Sharjah) inside country visa package.

STEP 3: Submit the required documents. Arabiannoon visa executive will check if the documents are in order to apply. If any additional document needed, we will ask for it.

STEP 4: Make the payment for the package using the easiest payment option .

STEP 5: Your documents will be submitted along with a visa application followed by the status change procedure in the UAE immigration.

STEP 6: Your new UAE tourist visa will be sent to you by email along with a visa ready notification on WhatsApp.

UAE Inside country Visa Price

  • inside country UAE visa 30 Day – 1250 AED
  • inside country UAE visa 90 Day – 1350 AED

*Depending on the nationality and your age the rate may change, the exact rate will be confirming upon checking the documents in such instances

3. Airport to Airport visa change

Sorry, this option is Temporary unavailable due to Covid19

Are you thinking to extend your stay in UAE just in a one day? Oh, then you may be pleased to hear a whole a lot about Arabian Noons’s Airport to Airport UAE visa change that comes as your saver!

This is a most popular way of getting renewed your Tourist visa to UAE by going out of the country to a neighboring GCC just for few hours and fly back to UAE on a new tourist visa

Who can apply for A-A Visa Change?

An individual who holds UAE tourist or visit visa can do the A2A visa change. Elders as well as kids opt for this tourist visa extension from nearest airport located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah. This option is more ideal to save some money if you are ready to spend a day to complete the out and in (Exit for old visa and Entry with new visa) procedure. This A2A visa change is also allowed for newly born babies or for a kid when the parents have resident visa and child need tourist visa for an extended stay for another 30 days or 90 days or 30 days multiple entry visa or a 90-day multiple entry visa.

What is an Airport to Airport Visa change procedure?

Easily known as A to A visa change, in this procedure the applicant must fly out of UAE to any of the neighboring countries (Oman or Bahrain or Kuwait) and Fly back to UAE and then, wait in a UAE airport for their new visa to be issued.

Previously before 2017, the to A visa change Sharjah was the only available Airport to Airport Visa change facility and was done at the Sharjah International Airport. One of the major UAE visit visa extension new rules that were implemented in 2017 was the ability for a traveler to do this procedure in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai airport with more flexibility. This new rule has saved the money and time of many tourists who want to extend their stay in the amazing UAE and was the most used Dubai visit visa extension procedure 2018. Keep reading to know more about the documents, eligibility criteria and the airport procedures of this helpful service for your A2A visa extension in 2021.

Visa Processing Duration

Average visa processing time rely in between 3 hours to 18 hours.

Sometimes, even though you have booked a Dubai Visa change or Abu Dhabi Visa Change or Sharjah visa change, your visa might have been issued by a different Emirate’s immigration (not from same city immigration department where you exit). This is done depending on which immigration’s issuing procedures are quick and doesn’t hinder your ability to enter UAE from the emirate you left.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals booking an Airport to Airport visa change package with Arabian Noons Visa Office should check if you fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

Documents Required

If you fulfill the above-mentioned criteria, then you need to submit the following documents:

What is included in Arabian Noons Visa’s Airport to Airport visa Change package?


The Airport to Airport visa change price is the following:

  • 30 days visa Single entry – 999 AED
  • 90 days visa Single entry– 1399 AED
  • 30 days visa Multiple entry - 1699 AED
  • 90 days visa Multiple entry – 2699 AED

How Arabian Noons Visa Office process the Airport to Airport Visa Change?

STEP 1: Visit us to book the package or get in touch with us via email, call or WhatsApp. Please make sure to contact us at least 3 days before your visa expires.

STEP 2: Provide the necessary supporting documents to Arabian Noons team via email. You will be informed if the documents are suitable for processing after a thorough check.

STEP 3: Make the payment for the A to A Visa change via any of the payment methods approved by us.

STEP 4: Receive your e-ticket and itinerary via email or WhatsApp one day before your scheduled flying date.

STEP 5: Arrive at the Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah airport at least 3 hours before departure as you chosen.

From here onwards you will be required to keep in touch with our representative via WhatsApp to ensure a seamless visa renewal process.

What are the airport procedures for an A to A Visa Change?

STEP 1: Arrive at the Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah airport and proceed to the respective counter depending on the airport. Arabiannoons dedicated Airport to Airport visa executive will explain you everything what you need to do at the airport.

STEP 2: Proceed to the immigration counter for a biometric eye scan and get the ‘Exit’ seal stamped on your passport. Maybe you will have to complete the exit through the e-gate scanning passport and eyes. (Before this step you need to pay the overstay fines, if there is any)

STEP 3: It is important that you take a clear photo of your exit stamp and send it to Arabian Noons A2A visa team as soon as possible via email or WhatsApp. (You can connect your mobile to Airport Wi-Fi service)

STEP 4: After reaching Bahrain or Oman Airport check with the visa representative about your visa status.

STEP 5: Proceed to the check-in counter after you receive a visa ready notification from your representative and collect your boarding pass. Board the flight back to UAE.

STEP 6: Head to the immigration counter for entry procedures and a biometric eye scan. The ‘entry’ seal will be stamped on your passport allowing you to use your new visa.

What you need to carry to airport on the day of A2A visa change

On the day of your visa change, you are allowed to carry up to 5kg bag. Here are some of the most important things you must bring to the airport along with you

  1. Your current valid Passport
  2. The ticket copy with visa change seal
  3. A fully charged mobile with What’s app
  4. A mobile charger

4. Oman Visa Run by Bus/ Own vehicle

Sorry, this option is Temporary unavailable due to Covid19

This is the only visa extension procedure that is done by road passing boarders of UAE and Oman boarder

Obviously, most of the on-arrival country passport holders in UAE used to get use of this option as its reasonable rate compared to other extension options

At this option the individual will be required to exit UAE by bus/ own transfers to Oman. The bus option used by Filipino nationals to change their visit visas into employment visas. However, this facility is now somewhat outdated option as there are other better options such as A2A visa extension and inside country visa renewal which are quicker. But still if you prefer this option, you are free to choose Oman exit by Bus and get urgently or normally processed UAE visa

Visa Processing Duration

On-arrival nationals can enter UAE free of cost or they can obtain normal /urgent visit visa 30 days/ 90 days / multiple entry as they prefer

If you send us the exit stamp, we can apply Urgent or Normal visa as per your preference


  • Oman entry permit and Bus ticket (up and down) – 280 AED

Sorry, this option is Temporary unavailable due to Covid19

* For the visa normal 30 days /90 days or Urgent 30 days /90 days charges will be applied

What is included in Arabian Noons Oman Visa run package?

  1. UAE tourist visa 30/90 days / Multiple entry visa
  2. For Pilipino visa run by bus:

  3. Oman entry permit – For Philippine passport holders only
  4. Bus ticket with return -For Philippine passport holders only

The hotel accommodation expense and your food cost are not included for the package. For the hotel it will cost 50 AED per day. Once, your UAE visa approved, the hotel reception will arrange your return bus seat to re-enter UAE.

Who can an apply for the Oman Visa change package?

Mostly and frequently On-arrival listed nationals who can drive to Oman boarder andPhilippine passport holders who can obtain Oman entry permit use this option to renew their tourist/ visit visas

Other nationals or citizens of countries eligible to apply for this service are:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brunei
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Monaco
  • Hungary
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Malta
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • USA

If you are travel document is in the list of On-arrival countries to Oman they even you can pass the boarder and exit to Oman by driving by your own, in such cases we assist them with only UAE visa service.

How Arabian Noons Visa Office process the Visa change package to Oman?

STEP 1: Book the package by calling, messaging through WhatsApp or visiting us.

STEP 2: Provide the supporting documents to the representative handling you. You will be informed if the documents are suitable for processing after a thorough check.

STEP 3: Make the payment for the Oman Visa Run by bus via any of the payment methods approved by us.

STEP 4: You will be given your Oman visa, details of your bus, the timing, and bus pick up location

What is the Visa Change by road procedure?

STEP 1: Board your respective bus. Be on time at the pickup location. You will be driven to the Oman border with your Oman Visa.

STEP 2: Upon reaching the border, you will be charged an exit fee and the exit seal stamped on your passport by UAE immigration officials.

STEP 3: After passing the Oman border, the Oman immigration officials will stamp the in-out seal with a minimal charge.

STEP 4: Take a clear photo of your exit seal and sent it to your representative via WhatsApp.

STEP 5: Check in to your hotel and wait for the visa ready notification from your representative.

STEP 6: Get your visa ready notification and receive the e-visa in email.

STEP 7: Pass the boarder and Return to UAE by bus with your new visa.

What you need to carry along with you when you do Oman exit by Bus

  1. Your travel documents
  2. A fully charged mobile
  3. Your mobile charger
  4. Your computer if needed
  5. Enough money to cover the cost of your stay (Hotel per day cost 50 AED and food expenses)

5. Applying urgent tourist visa after exiting UAE airport or boarder

If you can exit by your own to nearest gulf country by air or by land OR another country or your home country by flying over there. Upon your exit Arabian Visas team can process your emergency UAE visa fast as possible within 5-24 hours.

If the individual requires to visit UAE after he has left the country, then an Urgent visa can be applied to get the new visa in an express service. When an urgent UAE visa package is booked, the visa processing is sped up and takes between 8 to 24hours for the visa to get issued.

Who can apply for Urgent fast track UAE visa service?

  1. An UAE tourist visa holder who is exiting UAE and willing to return to UAE soon again
  2. A previous resident visa holder whose visa has been cancelled and willing to exit UAE and comeback on a tourist visa.

Visa Processing Duration

The fast track visa service visa processing time is 5-24 hours. Most of the time if we apply the visa on morning you visa will be ready by the evening or maximum next day morning


  • Fast track UAE tourist visa 30 days - 450 AED
  • Fast track UAE tourist visa 90 days - 850 AED
  • Fast track UAE tourist visa 30 days multiple entry visa – 1300 AED
  • Fast track UAE tourist visa 90 days multiple entry visa - 2100 AED

What is the Urgent UAE procedure?

  1. You can WhatsApp Arabian Noons expert visa team and discuss your concern and get the details clear. Inform your expected exiting date out of UAE to Arabian Noons team
  2. Send your documents and get it confirmed
  3. Proceed with the visa payment
  4. Inform your exact exiting date to Arabian Noons team
  5. Complete the exit and click a picture of your exit stamp and boarding passes and forward it to your dedicated visa executive
  6. Let Arabian Noons team to process your visa
  7. Receive visa ready notification to your WhatsApp and e- visa copy to your mobile
  8. Now you can return back to UAE with the new UAE tourist visa

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

As if you have taken the visit visa directly from immigration, here is the article about Renewing or extending tourist visa from government. If you have taken from Airlines and tour operators the prices changes as we published above

Checkout the local news Speaking about 6 month uae visit visa & it has specific rules about obtaining them. As a local tour operator we are unable to process 6 month tourist visas

There is no specific service like extending for 14 days & may be you are asking about this, when you buy 14 days visit visa & you are technically getting the 30 days single entry visa with the 10 days grace period. So basically extending your 14 days visa is just about contacting the tour company provided the visa and just paying their extra fees to use their sponsored visas

The on-arrival national’s those who get 90 days visa, 90 days multiple entry visa or Indian passport holders who entered UAE using the valid USA visa

UAE immigration’s automatic visa extensiontill 31st December 2020 for expired tourist visas which has been given on end of June due to sudden pandemic has been declared on July 14th 2020, to be invalid since August 10th 2020 and all expired visa holders requested to either extend their visas prior to the deadline or must leave UAE before August 10th 2020. Again on August 10th, Government has given additional 30 days grace period till 10th September to renew visas or leave UAE as the final exception to the visitors who are still in UAE with an expired visa. So the current rule applicable for those who didn’t renew their visasdespite of the official announcement will be fined 150 AED for the first day and each other day 100 AED.

You are currently overstaying in UAE and you can decide whether to exit or renew visa inside the country and clear you overstay fines. Since 10th September you will be needing to clear the fines till the status change if in case you are choosing to do the inside visa renewal without leaving.

Mexican passport holders usually get 180 days on arrival visa to UAE but still your visa by now expired as since September would have been your visa expiry. So from whatever the date the visa expire you will be fined till the exit date or status changed date.

Yes, you can try to get a fine deduction from Dubai reach out Arabianoons for more information

Probably not unless you have a genuine reason that immigration might consider. But mostly these might not be granted like Dubai visa fine deductions in Abu Dhabi.

After 1 time extension of same visa , on-arrival visa holders either need to exit UAE or can opt for inside country single entry/ multiple entry 30 days / 90 days visa with status change